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Hey all, yearly check in!

I went through all the messages people left, you guys are so nice... to someone who totally drops off the world of dA with depressing regularity.  Thanks to you who wished me Happy Birthday months ago as well!

I've tried to give this all a rushed clean out... things might be moving around the next few days.  Maybe there will be new art? And by art I do not mean the scribbles I made today just to get some of the old art moved away from "Recent" deviations... because it was getting embarrassing.

Hope you're having a wonderful summer!

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Hey guys, whomever of you still stop by and read this, haha :XD:

So work was crazy the last year, but Generator Rex is wrapping up and I'll be job hunting for the near future.  Luckily some really awesome freelance has come my way so I can afford to take a couple weeks to manage stuff at home and the internets. Unhappily my grandmother passed away this week, so there will be a lot of family obligations for the next week.

I'm currently a part of The Tortall Comics Project :icontortallcomicsproject: which should be coming out in November, so there will be a lot of deviations concerning the planning and production stages of that (and already has been, you may have noticed...). But I haven't forgotten all of you who made requests LAST September (homg...). I'm keeping tabs on the stuff I'm working on for each of you, so I hope you'll be patient, they should be sporadically submitted the next couple of weeks.

As of now I have no plans to open up requests again.  
If you do see something in my gallery you like (and can tell I like... IE there are MANY, hahaha) you can always leave a comment like "I want more Sailor Moon doing stupid things!!" or what have you.  I might consider doing commissions again, but I'll have to see what my free time will be like, and it wouldn't be for at least 2-3 weeks.

Thanks for sticking around, sorry for falling off the face of the Earth now and then.


Requests pending:
:iconjam-chan: // :iconwiseanimator: // :iconbechedor79: // :iconjenabii-fanart:
:iconscarletkizmet: // :iconsilva592: // :iconcryej: // :iconsticks228:
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If you sent me a note as of Monday 9/6 you are on the September Requests List.


Requests are closed for now, but I'll start taking more in October or possibly earlier, so please keep checking back.

If you are interested in a commission please contact me with a Note :D

Thanks guys!
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Thanks everyone for being so nice! My wrist is normal again (and hopefully there will be no falling tonight, lol) so things should be moving smoothly.


Requests are still open, please follow these guidelines.

Requests should be sent via Note.
Only one request per note per person for at least two months.

Step by Step :meow:
:bulletblue:  Send me a note to see if I'm available and open for requests or trades.
:bulletblue:  Wait for my response.  Sorry if I can't take on your request right away T^T
:bulletblue:  Think of what you'd like me to draw for you.  Sometimes looking through my gallery can give you an idea.
:bulletblue:  Wait for my response!  Sometimes work is really busy and it may take me some time to get back to you.
:bulletblue:  I also reserve the right to turn down certain requests, or ask for a compromise (example: Really complicated pieces, comics, hentai etc.)
:bulletblue:  After I reply "Yes" please send me your idea and any reference I need.
:bulletblue:  Wait for my note back for your finished piece!

I try to say it in each acceptance note, but the time between requests and finished art can vary. Again it depends on my free time :heart:
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Got pretty beat up at soccer today, one of the injuries being my artsy wrist, so we'll see how I do with the couple requests pending.

BTW wow that was quite a few, I wasn't expecting anyone to realize I was alive again for at least... ever.
I thought I'd just lay out how I like to get requests...

Think of what you'd like me to draw for you.
Send me a Note with a polite art request (or trade!).
Wait for my response (:  I've got some free time now but work gobbles it up very quickly so I may not see the note for a while.
Send me reference of your character(s) or anything I wouldn't be able to find doing my own google/youtube search.
Wait for my note back for your finished piece (:
I try to say it in each acceptance note, but the time between requests and finished art can vary.  Again it depends on my free time.

Thanks again guys, and keep 'em coming, this has been fun!
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I owe some of you an apology for being so out of touch, thanks for hanging around and checking in on me now and then!

Work has been really steady and busy for a while, my last job wasn't anything like this dependable haha.  We used to have months of downtime between seasons so I'd be able to jump back on dA pretty quick once my break started.  I've been lucky with Generator Rex getting a second season, but because we fell behind in season one there was no time to take time off between season 1 and 2; hence, no time on dA!

I'm going through my dusty message box over the next couple days, but things are still as busy as ever so it's not going to be a steady sort of thing... hopefully I'll be overhauling a lot of the artwork I have on here, putting them all in different folders and maybe ditching some of them all together (some of this stuff is so old!).  Please bear with me if some of your favorites disappear, I'm very sorry!

My sister showed my dA site for a class presentation recently, it kinda freaked me out.  Made me wonder what on here I'd rather not be showing anymore.  After all this is sort of like a semi-portfolio since it comes up when you google me D:

Anyway it's time to renovate!!


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Is anyone going to Anime Expo in LA? It's this weekend, but I think I will drag my boyfriend with me on Friday to see the sights and spend too much money on toys. Then Comic Con in a few weeks, where I will also spend too much money, but mostly on food. Everyone will be there, but mostly it will be full of people who wouldn't have gone eight or ten years ago. How times have changed!

I'm busy with freelance now, with a start date on the new CN show Generator Rex following.  I am sooooooooooooo excited! I got to meet a bunch of the crew today, and everyone was really nice and there was cake!! (for birthdays, haha)

I've been drawing Sailor Moon lately, because I have missed odangos. I will try to get some of that up here before I'm too busy to bother with the scanner anymore. I also have to do the Tortall meme, but have not found the time yet! Soon though, soon...

Go to Conventions! Support our silly economy like you're the stilts it's walking on!
(omg that sounded too grown-up.. and I'm just trying to justify why I'm spending all this money...)

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Disregard anything I may have typed before, the AX plan has been cancelled :|

I was looking forward to doing it, but the friend setting it up had forgotten a family trip that now conflicts with the convention, so the plan has failed for this year.  Though I'm sad, it's not too big a deal since I shouldn't have been spending the money on such things anyway while out of work... but now I am very bored.

I'm going to post one or two of the pieces I'd been thinking about doing as prints.  Somtime next week probably.  I will still be going to AX if anyone still wanted to meet up, but I will not be at a table and I will have a semi-unwilling boyfriend attached to me :D  Yay semi-unwilling boyfriend, I :heart:!


I'm going to be at Anime Expo. I will probably be at a booth with some friends. What sort of artwork do you guys think I should do?  I am looking for recommendations!

So far I decided I had to do a Sailor Moon, but I'm still undecided on what other fanart I would like to sell.  I want to get it all together so I'll have plenty of time to get nice prints made up.  Also, whatever I make for Anime Expo I will post but it will not be the full print size and I will put a super freakin' large watermark on it.  Because it's not fair to pay for something at a convention that you could print yourself for free online, right?

I am thinking nice prints, buttons and stickers, maybe a sketchbook? :plot:

What do you think?

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I'm going to move anything from 2004 below into scraps (if they aren't there already).  Sorry if this messes stuff up for any of you guys.  I should probably move some other old stuff into scraps as well, but that will depend on how empty my deviations become, lol.

I am back at work, which is why there has been no update.  I went to work straight after comic-con, no joke!  It's been uber busy, the next season of TFA IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! :XD:

I will color everything with as much love as possible :heart:

I was looking at some of the fanart up here for Transformers, and it's kinda scary, lol.  I never thought about robot ships before.  I printed out a few things I really liked and wanted to show around the office, so maybe I will take a picture of my TFA fanart wall I've made in my cube... :D

Enjoy the last of summer school type peoples!

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Are you excited?!  I'm excited!!! Let's DANCE!!!

Any of my friends who have Pokemon Pearl/Diamond, if you don't bring it to the convention I WILL CRY. I want to talk to you in the underground, and maybe trade :XD: I will be very sad if I don't get to do this at least once during nerdy nerd week.

Any friends who don't, I would still love to see you guys! Lunch or starbucks break or something! I'll be trying to check my dA/email all week!

I hope everyone makes it down or up or over to San Diego safe, and please remember we're all the same at Comic Con, so put your most courteously geeky foot forward and don't bump people with your swords or sharpened elbows!

Also, please visit :iconimmortal-lelio:'s booth at Con!  She has lots of nifty stuff for really good prices :XD:

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Sorry everybody for being idle so long!  I've been trying to work out with Wii Fit everyday as well as some other exercises, and my progress has kept me away from the scanner, though not my sketchbook.

There's a lot of stuff, all fanart of course.  If you are interested to see any of my original work, I'll be posting it on my blog in the afternoon. I'd love to know what you think!

Otherwise I hope there's something for all of you in this bucket load, and apologize to all the TP fans that look at my stuff, because I haven't gotten around to doing anything new in this batch.

Hopefully I can get all this stuff uploaded before dA goes into maintenance mode...

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*robot noise*

Is it just me, or is dA really dead lately? :paranoid:

I'm uploading D. Grayman fanart, because I am in love with that series now :heart:

If you have the free time, you should totally watch it/read it.  If you don't have the free time, you should make some :bucktooth:

You can find most of the episodes on go fish and youtube and once you've finished all 79-80 episodes of that (or you'd rather read the manga anyway; which, btw, is AWESOME :3) the manga scanlations can be found at onemanga.

:XD: So yeah, LOVES.
If you're in the USA (like me) you can actually buy some of the manga at Borders or Barnes&Noble or Amazon etc.

I plan to start buying them once I have job monies... which is to say, not right now :P
I wish there was new DGM right now!!! :heart::heart::heart: is not even close to satisfying with dgm fanfics, I got spoiled by Harry Potter writers who actually read... anime fanfiction is an average C grade writing wise :P

Support your anime addiction people!

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Ok, so, after having a couple people turn the logic card on me today about this whole thing, I'm making ammends...

Am I still a concerned party where this bill is concerned? Yes.  But I'll cut out the drama for now.  If you want to learn more about it here's a good summary for us not-so-legal types…

There is also a link in that article for the bill itself, if you are so inclined.

I'm sorry for going off on it, though I still think the petition is a good idea.

Will I start putting (C) on my work from now on?  Most likely.  Because then, even if some other person crops it out because they're mean and stupid, there will be a copy online if anyone makes a search for it, so none of my stuff can be called orphaned :nod:

- - - Clubs - - -


- - - earlier today (because I won't be a fool & pretend I didn't say it)- - -

If you place any value in yourself as a person; artist, photographer, designer or just a doodle hobbiest, go and sign this petition to congress against the legalization of internet art theft!

Petition Against Art Theft!

Unless, of course, you're a big fan of ENORMOUS watermarks that cover the entire image you're looking at.  We can always do that as well.

As a children of the internet generation we've enjoyed a freedom enabling us to express ourselves beyond our immediate circle of friends, family and neighbors and this suggested law will severly limit that ability!  Who would want to post anything on the internet if it would be legal for someone else to take it and claim it as their own?!  It's what DA members fight so hard against!  It just ticks me right off. :paranoid:
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I bought a "burnish" pencil today.

WHAT DOES IT DO?!?!?!?!?
The guy at the store didn't even know o.O

Journal Entry Terminated.


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Sorry if you avoid this because you think it's another tag thing.  If you've decided to read this anyway you will then realize it is not.  It's just a short rant about people who want your opinion but probably won't listen to it.

I got my AI survey today, to tell them what I thought about the school etc etc.  I spent a good deal of time on it, trying to make all of my ideas well though out and thus coherent to anyone besides myself.  However, despite my personal enjoyment from proving myself intelligent or well spoken (typed?) to whoever does receive it, it actually makes me a bit depressed, since I don't think it will actually affect the school at all.

Some friends of mine actually know some of the professionals who go to review the "elite" students of the school in a special portfolio/demo reel presentation.  So they know.  These poor guys from the san diego game companies go to the school and give their honest opinion on things the school needs to change to have a better job placement rate after graduation and the school just ignores them basically.

So why would an alumni's review be any different?  I suppose it's amazing I even care, since nothing I wrote that they might consider changing will ever affect me.

End of my sort of apathetic rant.

Have any you guys (especially other alumni from AI CA-SD) filled out the survey?

In other things... I'm going to disneyland this weekend :XD: I'm going to ask for a birthday pin (because I'm going to celebrate at the park of course!) and have everybody say happy birthday to me... YAYZ.  I got a new camera for my birthday, so I'm going to bring it along.  I will try to take lots of neat pictures and maybe post a collage of the best sometime next week.


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Being at home by myself the last couple of weeks has been really dull.  I think it's necessary for me to lay out some goals for myself now that my birthday is on the horizon (literally, it's like... tomorrow!).  So here's some things I've come up with... most are pretty cliche.

1.  I need to get a full time job, or at least some freelance in addition to what I'm already doing.  It's not fair that I let my boyfriend take so much upon himself, and I don't want anybody to be worrying about me or think I lack drive and ambitions.

     So this means lots of research, finding listings online and the like, and updating my portfolio to include more quality art work.

2.  I'd really like to lose some weight (see, cliche).  My goal is to lose 10-15 pounds by the end of July, when Dave and I will go down for comic-con.  So I'm going to give up some stuff... any drink containing sugar for one and also I want to limit how much soda I have... so maybe only one diet coke a week (not too hard unless I do end up getting a new job in a studio/office)... And also trying to eat lighter food... have a couple more salads and a few less pastas and burgers.  Since Dave takes the car to work everyday I'm going to either walk to the book store to draw once a day or play ddr for 1-2 hours... fun stuff.

    If anybody has any food snacking/meal tips they know of and would like to share, that would be considered a big help.

3.  I want to work on my anatomy skills, so I'll be cracking my library of art books and trying to access more resources for more of my art work.

4.  Slightly less high minded... I want to see the Main Street Electrical Parade or whatever they call it now) this year!!!  I'm going to try and get some friends to go to Disneyland for birthday adventure sometime next week and then (since they're doing the 2-fer deal) get into California Adventure for free with Dave and experience one of my childhood past times (slips in her cassette tape of theme park music).

And of course this will all start after my days full of delicious cake and family festivities... I shall not deny myself all happiness for my birthday :XD:

I hope everybody is doing well, and that those of you in school had a good spring break, or have an enjoyable one if it doesn't come till next week or later :hug:
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I was tagged by the evil :iconwhitelyte: SEE? Even her icon is evil :paranoid:

So here are the rules of this thing...

1. Post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts
4. At the end of the post 8 more persons are tagged and named
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

Okie... so I got tagged on something, which is pretty nuts... here we go, eight random, or in my case, weird and abnormal things about Claire (me).


1. If you're my friend, and you have a foreign accent, you shouldn't hang around me too long, because I'll accidently start talking just like you.  This works with my american friends to a lesser extent.

2. When I was younger the only two videos I would rent were episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Popples.

3. The only reason I ever bought a game system was so I could play whatever pokemon game had been created for it.

4. In the last year I've realized I might be the only person in Los Angeles that can enjoy watching Disney's Pocahontas... (I may never hear the end of it now that I've said that) who is above the age of 5.

5. I get scared from just hearing the background music of old scooby-doo cartoons.

6. When I get scared like that I have to sing the My Little Pony theme song in my head over and over again (omg I'm not psycho I SWEAR).

7. Whenever I go out to buy copic sketch markers, I always end up accidently buying a color I already own... T^T Prisma markers are much safer for my wallet.

8. And um, the eighth random thing about me is... um... that out of all the emoticons on DA, this one is my favorite, and never fails to make me giggle:


:XD: OMG I just can't help it!! It's SOOO CUTE!  And they're all dancing in sync, hahahahahahaha!:XD:

And now I tag these people:

:iconsakka0: Because I like to tag you with randomness :XD:
:iconaeolus06: Because you'll probably do it, haha.
:iconpotatofarmgirl: Because yeah, you'll laugh because I tagged you, but admit it, wouldn't you feel left out if I didn't?! :P  

My poor school friends who never asked to be terrorized :evillaugh:




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I waited to do a journal entry for February until today, because I can't do another one on this date for another FOUR YEARS!!!! So yeah :XD:

I've done a bunch of sketching that hasn't been uploaded, haha.  I'm going to try and fix that over the next day or so... I've got one drawing in the wings that's actually ready to show as soon as I finish this :D

I've decided to try and keep track of the :+fav: s to give me at least one thing to draw/uplaod every month... so if I get a bunch of :+fav: s for Alice/Hatter (like in Feb) For March there will another Alice/Hatter drawing in recognition... same goes for any other subject.  For some of my stuff that doesn't really have a catagory, I'll just think of that as an artist's choice.. right? :dance:  
Collections don't count because I don't really understand what that means quite yet... if you do and you can easily explain it to someone with a low IQ (me) then feel free!

Still no word on jobs yet.  My boyfriend is going back to work on Monday, so our little couple vacation is over... good in some respects (money!) bad in others (less snugglies).  The one good one though, is unguilty date night!!! :date: WEEEEEEE!

In other news you should all be ordering Gurren Lagann off of because it's freakin' amazing.  Shell out the money, it's all about Gainax and mechs.

There was going to be more to this entry, but I can't remember now... perhaps I will add on to it later.

(Just to make it official.)
For February the art category that got the most :+fav: s was Alice :heart: Hatter!



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When I can't sleep, I obviously update.  Sorry for the long in between, things got crazy in real life.  There's some more stuff roughed into my new nifty Cheesy Sailor Moon Goodness note book, which may or may not ever get up here.  I'm hoping they will.

There will be stuff added on to this when my brain begins to function properly again.

To everyone who faved my stuff and put me on their deviant watch, many thanks!  I really appreciate it, even if I don't often say so... I see myself as part of that silent majority some presidents talk about, only it bleeds into other aspects of my life.

So yes, more to come.  Maybe some new Tamora Pierce stuff too, that seems like it's about due, you think?

Here's hoping the writer's strike settles soon, so I can continue to afford the internet.

Bye for now!


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I'm about 99% done with my christmas shopping!

Not much to say, been working lots the last couple of weeks.  I have two drawings I said I'd have done months ago, actually finished and just waiting to be uploaded, along with some sailor moon stuff in the works.

If you're looking for a fun anime full of laughs and awesome characters you MUST watch Ouran High Host Club!!!!  It's on gofish and youtube, in subtitles (no dub out there yet, for those of you who prefer it).

If you've seen Host Club and you liked it, please consider visiting this petition site to see if we can get a second season!…

The manga is also available in stores, under the same title, but you should definitely check out the anime, it looks great and the timing on jokes is excellent and the seiyuu cast is AWESOME!

Hope your holidays are great!


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